чтобы спуститься вниз, нужно всегда поворачивать налево// everything that kills me makes me feel alive
А вот в этот раз захотелось поделиться, потому что написалось за ночь, а рожалось месяца три хд
и вообще почему-то на английском легче ==

I want to seem, not to be,
This is my sin, you see?
A glass of juice that looks like wine,
I am shapeshifter, and he is me.

I don't know who and don't want to know,
Find truth somewhere, that's long ago,
I'll say that I'm, I'm just too kind,
What you'd prefer: a grave or hole?

Believe or not, keep or betray,
Whatever truth or lie you say,
I am reflection, but in the night;
I'm non-believer's show-off prayer.

I want to seem, but not to be,
This is my sin that's killing me,
I'll fix some letters in the lines -
Though still no truth to guarantee.

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